Kickstarter Campaign Feb20th-Mar18th

Kickstarter Campaign Feb20th-Mar18th

Olly the Lone Red Squirrel

A sensitive children's book to raise awareness about bullying, showing the importance of kindness and friendship.

Olly's sensitive message is portrayed in high artistic quality. All illustrations are hand-painted in watercolor.  While Olly is lonely, the illustrations are grey to represent his emotional state and also the color of other squirrels. When Olly is finally accepted and loved for who he is, he begins to feel happy and thus his world changes to warm autumn colors, just like his own fur.


Olly is a red squirrel who enjoys watching the grey squirrels playing outside. He longs to be part of that fluffy group and to be their friend. Whenever he approaches the grey squirrels he is rejected because he is different; he isn’t grey like them, he is red. The grey squirrels mistreat Olly because they think he looks strange.
By not being accepted, Olly feels lonely and sad, until an unexpected encounter changes everything.
My concern about bullying was built into me for many years. Starting when was a kid and was bullied at school. All my life I've been watching the news about bullying.
I have been living in Japan for 2 years and I was shocked to learn that many children committed suicide and some of the possible reasons why they did this is bullying at school. Bullying is a worldwide plague that consumes our children. I want to help to eradicate this behavior. By funding this project you will be part of  this mission to help children to be kind and to feel that they belong!



I am Larissa Soares, member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I've loved books since I was a child and to become an author is a dream I've carried in my heart ever since. I crochet since 8 years old and to combine both passions, I founded "Honey Bunny Amigurumis Publishing", a small business where I can publish books and the crochet patterns to make the characters.


Olga Volgina is a watercolorist artist. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and of the Association of German Watercolor Painters.
She loves to draw and explore the world since childhood, a passion she shares with her twin sister, Lisa. Her attention to details is unbelievable. She portrays emotion in every painting she creates. Olga and I put our heart into this book as we both believe it will cause a good impact in the world. 
Stretch Goal 1: If we reach ¥1,200,000 (around $10,400), I will print Dust Jackets with a special and beautiful design in it and send it to all backers that pre-order the physical book (1 Dust Jacket per book);
Stretch Goal 2: If we reach ¥1,400,000 (around $12,200), each backer that ordered the hardcover will receive a sticker sheet and 3 postcards.
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