Magic of Storytelling Live

Author-led Reading Events with Purchase of 20+ Books.
This event is highly recommended for educational institutions and companies. Storytelling through picture books has proven to be incredibly effective in enhancing children's language skills and creativity.

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Here are some of the benefits

Benefit 1

Author-led reading and Q&A session (Maximum of 1 hour)

Benefit 2

Fascinating insights into the creation process and background of the picture book

Benefit 3

Signed copies of the picture book as gifts for children

For customers who purchase 20 or more books, the author, Larissa Soares will personally visit you! Children will have the opportunity to hear the author's voice firsthand, immersing themselves in the world of the story.
*Physical visit will be available only in Tokyo. For other regions, please contact us.

Our goal is to inspire children to be kind and friendly to others.
This book shares awareness about diversity, show caring feelings and emotions that will cause empathy and social intelligence in children.

"In 2022 October, I had the honor of visiting the American Club in Tokyo and conducting a picture book reading session at the Hal Roberts Library. It was a truly delightful experience to share a wonderful time with the kind-hearted staff and the children present." -Larissa

"In the summer of 2022, I had the privilege of visiting the office of State Street, a top-tier financial company, where I conducted a picture book reading session. The event took place simultaneously in Tokyo and Fukuoka through a live stream, allowing me to share a wonderful time with a large number of children.By conveying the background behind my picture book and the messages they hold, I believe I was able to teach the children the importance of friendship." -Larissa


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